Please vote to support Nalamdana’s ‘Are You Well’ project

Nalamdana has uploaded details of the ‘Are You Well” project onto a website, set up by Mahindra, which helps to publicize and celebrate worthwhile projects which are helping to drive positive change in India.

The long running, and very successful, project “Are you well” takes place in a Government hospital in Chennai for patients living with HIV and TB. The project consists of role plays, monthly dramas, support group meetings and a cable radio programme for TB/ HIV patients on hospital campus. This project aims to entertain patients whilst also educating them about important health and hygiene practices.

However we are running out of funding so we have entered the project into a competition to win some crucial funds! If we win the competition with the most votes then we will receive a grant to help the project continue.

Please support us by taking five minutes to read about our project, check out the pictures and the video and most importantly VOTE FOR IT.

In order to vote you will need to register with the website or sign in via facebook, it will only take a few minutes of your time.

1. Click on link

2. Register OR log in through Facebook

3. Click on email confirmation link

4. Select/ search ’Are You Well: Arts in Hospital Entertainment and Education Project by Nalamdana’

5. Click vote (you may need to login again to vote)

6. You will receive confirmation that your vote has been cast on your computer screen.

The voting is open NOW and closes on Tuesday 28th Feb 2012. Please take some time to vote and spread the message to your friends!

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