Our Wish List

Over the last 18 years, Nalamdana has reached out to many audiences around Tamil Nadu and in some other Southern States. Most of Nalamdana’s funding has come from international organizations. With the changing international atmosphere in terms of funding and India’s increasing prominence in the world stage, and Tamil Nadu’s growing economy and success, Nalamdana feels strongly that future support for programmes that affect our own communities must come from within.

Direct and Unrestricted Donations: These are typically larger, one-time donations that help Nalamdana build a corpus fund for their operational expenses. Make a direct donation to Nalamdana to support their already ongoing programmes that can benefit from additional support to make them more effective and reach more widely.

Annual Giving: Individuals or companies in India and abroad sometimes choose to make annual donations of a certain sum. Reminders will go out to them annually for the same. Sign up for an annual donation commitment.

Workplace Programmes:
Engage Nalamdana to develop a tailor-made programme for their work force on the health or social topic that concerns them the most
Take advantage of the excellent tools already developed by Nalamdana on a range of issues and sponsor additional copies of them for their own work communities or other communities/ schools/ beneficiaries that Nalamdana can help identify.

Our Wish List (download the PDF here)

1. Own vehicle. A hardy, 4-wheel drive, field capable vehicle like a Toyota Innova. 12,00,000.00 rupees

2. Programme sponsors for NEW Thendral Community Radio Station. Will include an entertaining sponsored programme series on health and social issues as well as advertisement space during that time. 5,00,000.00 rupees

3. Support to the Nalamdana Youth Education and Leadership. Support includes school fees, books, uniform, activities and annual summer workshop
Annual Sponsorship of one student 7,000.00 rupees
Lifetime endowment (one student supported annually from interest) 1,00,000.00 rupees

4. Top to Toe Adolescent health flip-chart for classrooms – sponsor the printing of copies 1,00,000.00 rupees

5. Printing copies of the Sakhi Saheli (a training module on RH for girls). This manual has been translated from English to Tamil by Nalamdana. 1,00,000.00 rupees

6. Making copies of the Red and Blue Book (on growing up for adolescents) in Tamil to distribute them to the schools, colleges and the youth clubs of Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan 2,00,000.00 rupees7. Supporting the annual part running cost for the “Are you well: Arts in the Hospital” Project (Thendral Cable radio, role plays and full length plays) at the Government Hospital of Thoracic Medicine. 6,00,000.00 rupees

8. Community drama performance in a slum or village on any health or social topic Nalamdana has scripts for (ie: HIV/AIDS, female infanticide, alcoholism, reproductive health)
20,000.00 rupees (cost per show)

9. Performance in a School setting (examples: sexual abuse, hygiene, child rights, etc.) 10,000.00 rupees (per show cost)

10. Sponsorship of education for 20 HIV infected/ affected children per year (Rs. 2,000 per child, per year) 40,000.00 rupees

11. Sponsorship of copies of Nalamdana films on DVD like Maaya Changu, Nandavanathil, Pesu Maname Pesu. Rs. 100 per copy

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