100 Schools Program
In our 30th anniversary year, Nalamdana will reach 100 schools with entertaining and innovative approaches that empower students and build their life skills in substance abuse prevention, personal safety, hygiene, and mental health.
Nalamdana provides educational opportunities through scholarships to underprivileged students, opening doors to a brighter future.
Schools-based Programs
Nalamdana collaborates with schools to implement innovative educational initiatives that empower students and enhance their learning experiences.
Non-communicable Diseases
Nalamdana works to combat non-communicable diseases by raising awareness, providing support, and promoting healthy lifestyles within communities.
Thendral Community Radio Station 91.2MHz
Nalamdana operates the Thendral Community Radio Station 91.2MHz, using the power of media to inform, engage, and uplift local communities on various social issues.
Emergency Response
Nalamdana swiftly responds to crises and disasters, offering critical information, aid and relief to affected communities during their times of need.
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“Nalamdana” in Tamil means “Are you well?”

Nalamdana, a Chennai-based NGO, has been using audience tailored, creative, innovative, relatable and entertaining social and behaviour change (SBC) methods to positively influence social norms and support healthier behaviours for individuals, families and communities for nearly three decades.


Community dramas and roving plays


Film Screenings


Puppet shows


Trainings and workshops


Health camps

Nalamdana is Celebrating 30 Years of Communicating for Better Health

Nalamdana is a beacon of hope, a platform where innovation and entertainment unite to transform the lives of marginalized and vulnerable communities. For three decades, we’ve been dedicated to empowering individuals and groups with information, skills, and motivation to enhance their health and wellbeing, as well as that of their families.

Our journey began in 1993, and since then, we have reached over 3.1 million lives through our unique approach to communication. Nalamdana is not just an organization; it’s a symbol of transformation and a testament to the power of creativity and empathy.

Join us as we celebrate 30 years of impactful work and continue our mission of making health and wellness accessible to everyone. Together, let’s light up lives and empower communities through the magic of innovative communication.

Responding to Children in Need 


Awareness songs & Jingles


Episodes produced


Training and awareness film on health and social issues

As Tamil Nadu in India gets back to business in the post-pandemic era, it faces many social and economic challenges that demand attention. Few are as compelling or as urgent as securing the safety and well-being of the country’s children, who will one day soon shape its future.

Child abuse cases have been steadily rising in India, and Tamil Nadu is no exception. Alcoholism and domestic violence, both of which the pandemic exacerbated, have deep and tragic effects on children. Increased access to digital devices and isolation from peer groups during the pandemic has widened the generation gap between children and their caregivers. Mental health challenges like stress, depression, and anxiety are now common among young people, resulting, in some cases, in self-harm. The use of drugs by schoolchildren is increasing at an alarming rate among boys and girls. 

For over 29 years now, Nalamdana has been working closely with schools to implement creative and effective child abuse prevention and child protection interventions. This includes puppet shows and short film screenings followed by discussions with students, their families, and their communities. Feedback from the children themselves as well as teachers and family members has helped us identify key issues that need to be addressed through strategic behaviour change communication.

$200 will co-fund a program in one school

Child Protection

Effective approaches for reaching children

Maaya Changu

“Maaya Changu” is a 40-minute feature film produced by Nalamdana that tells an evocative story about child protection. It received an unprecedented commendation from the Censor Board for its sensitive and powerful handling of the issue of child abuse. It has been screened it more than 250 times so far at many schools and communities to raise awareness about child abuse prevention and model responses to prevent and address it.

Film Screening

Film screenings of effective short films made from field-tested scripts on child safety and addressing child abuse. These are shown at schools, colleges, and community groups where parents and caregivers live. Our trained facilitators follow up with post-screening discussions and share information about helplines and counselling options.

Puppet Shows

Puppet shows and skits for smaller audiences (children or adults) in the context of workplaces, schools, health facilities, and anywhere there is a captive audience. The smaller group allows for more meaningful discussions after the show. Nalamdana has staged 178 puppet shows already in schools all across the city. 

Some People Need Help And We Give It!

Nalamdana is registered as a charitable trust in India. All donations in India are exempt from Income Tax under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Nalamdana has FCRA approval to receive foreign funds.