Nalamdana and World Vision, stage an awareness programme for child’s rights

According to a national study on child abuse, released in 2008, 53.22% of children all over India reported having faced one or more forms of sexual abuse.

Over the last month World Vision, India and Nalamdana have been working together to help create awareness of these crimes and to educate communities about child rights.

world vision audienceIn one month Nalamdana has staged 10 street plays in the slums of Chennai, reaching nearly 1,500 women and children. Sponsored by World Vision, Nalamdana staged entertaining and educational performances in different locations to create awareness of the problems of child labour and the issues surrounding child protection including how to recognise a good touch and a bad touch. The plays also covered the importance of education, gave advice on how to avoid early marriages, and provided the communities with helpline phone numbers.

After each performance women and children came on to the stage and shared the information that they learnt from the play. The helpline numbers were also repeated several times and many women and children wrote down the numbers.

Nalamdana has extensive experience in developing plays and films that deal with the issue of child’s rights. A year ago, the film, Maaya Changu, on child safety was premiered at the Office of the Commissioner of Police, Egmore. This film, produced and directed by Nalamdana, helps to raise awareness and understanding of the key issues around child rights.

If you are interested in these kinds of awareness programmes or if you would like to fund a programme please contact our director Jeevanandham by email:

If you have been affected by any of the issues mentioned in the article please call the following helplines for advice:
Helpline for children: (toll free1098)
Helpline for women: (toll free 1091)

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