Youth and Leadership Program Update

Youth Education & Leadership Program Update

Despite disruption by the floods, Nalamdana Scholarship students have done exceptionally well in their Board Exams. They continue to make their families, Nalamdana and their supporters proud!

Following the devastating floods in December, the Nalamdana team visited all our scholarship students’ houses in person and enquired about damage and losses due to the heavy rain. Donations received after the flood were used to provide relief materials for Nalamdana scholarship students. It included school bag, lunch box, water bottle, note books, stationary items and Instant food packs. Each student got money for their school uniform and school shoes. These were handed over to all the students in person in the 1st and 2nd week of January 2016.

The students created online testimonials which are found below and have also been quite popular on Facebook.

Rajinth Testimonial

Sathya Testimonial

Krithika Devan Testimonial

Nalamdana is continuing their support to all same 25 students for 2016-2017.

2. Student Program - summer classNalamdana and Kalvi trust has organised the following summer classes for this year from April 26th to May 15, 2016.

  1. Traffic rules & regulations
  2. Math class
  3. Banking operations & Transactions
  4. English grammar & conversation class
  5. Theatre class converted in to Radio drama
  6. Fabric painting

All eight scholarship students have passed in their 10th grade public exam on April 2016. All are matriculation board. The marks are below:

Youth Program - Chart