Chennai Flood Update

Nalamdana steps in to help with material relief and health education following devastating floods

Nalamdana offices and Community Radio studio also damaged, repairs undertaken

Actor & Seceretary of Chinnathirai Nadikar Sangam-Mr.Bos Venkat- Post flood tips for Thendral CR

Thendral Community Radio continued to broadcast through the flooding disaster using make-shift recording facilities once our recording studios were inundated and nearly destroyed. Nalamdana warmly thanks their concerned donors who came forward during the floods.

The devastating Floods in Chennai and the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu between Nov. 25th and Dec. 8th, 2015 left large tracts of urban and rural spaces under water. Unprecedented displacement of lakhs of people from all walks of life resulted in their relocation to temporary shelters and transit camps in all these areas.

With predictable post disaster dangers of overcrowding, contaminated water, and compromised hygiene, Nalamdana stepped in with contributions from around the world and locally. Nalamdana raised Rs 7,37,179/- (US$ 10,910) for Chennai flood. The following works were undertaken with this support:

  • Relief materials (school uniforms, shoes, supplies and other basic home needs) given to all 25 scholarship students;
  • Printed leaflets in Tamil and English about floods and post flood precautions;
  • Production of post flood relief episodes for Thendral CR;
  • Post-flood testimonial films;
  • Compensation given to Nalamdana staff Arivalagan’s family (who were badly affected);
  • Studio and office renovation and repairs post flood damage.
Mildew and broken equipment litter the studio post-flood
Thendral studios after complete renovation
Educational flyer given to thousands of slum-dwellers and vulnerable Chennaites