Past Programs

Nambikkai Project


(2005-2006) Self funded emergency-relief project – Nalamdana’s Nambikkai (Hope) Project for post tsunami rehabilitation was undertaken by the Trust using our own funds. The 18 minute documentary focuses on post tsunami rehabilitation issues addressed through innovative popular theatre. Our approach was to create an informative yet entertaining play developed and performed by Nalamdana’s drama and counseling team. Between May and September 2005, Nalamdana performed the play in more than 30 cities, towns and villages on the coast of Tamil Nadu, India, reaching thousands of displaced people.

Continuing in 2021

The Nambikkai Project – meaning “the Hope project” in Tamil – aims to equip underprivileged children with skills and technology, that are of increasing importance in today’s education and working world.

Our two courses of action are:
1) Recruiting student volunteers to teach the children in orphanages and shelters.
2) Raising funds to buy computers for the children – as well as pay for internet, and the associated renovation costs in the orphanages.

We will host a variety of fundraising events over the next few months to meet our goal. Stay tuned!