Nalamdana Current Projects

COVID Response – Short Videos

Nalamdana continues to produce short-format videos based on scientifically validated information about prevention behaviors and stigma reduction

COVID Response – Infographics

Infographic materials were developed in Tamil and English for social media and brick-and-mortar retail outlet distribution

COVID Response – Community Radio

Thendral Community Radio is producing custom COVID-19 informational content and broadcasting an expanded lineup of new and old material to help communities navigate this challenging period.

Skits & Puppet Shows

This can reach smaller audiences (children or adults). Usually, this modality works best in the context of workplaces, schools, health facilities and anywhere there is a captive audience with short time availability. Duration 30 mins with pre and post-interaction.

Community Dramas

This unique participatory drama features pre and post drama interaction and evaluation worked in. Typically, one-hour duration, it can reach over 500 people per performance, depending on the location. With minimal stage and innovative props, but good lighting and sound equipment, the drama holds its audience’s rapt attention throughout.

Working with Adolescents

Adolescent girls in this program developed a new flip chart presentation called Penin Perumai to disseminate information about puberty, reproductive health, and gender to their peers. We have published an accompanying teacher guide and translated the story into a short film.

Youth Education and Leadership

Nalamdana supports students from economically challenged backgrounds to help them complete high school. Students are selected through a rigorous screening process and must maintain good grades and participate in community service. Skill development and career guidance are offered.

The Top To Toe Program

Top to Toe addresses all aspects of health and rights of children between the ages of 10 and 15 years using illustrated booklets that children can keep. The booklets have been field tested and checked by experts in each topic and inspired our peer education toolkit for 12 to 14 year olds.

The Goal Project

This project uses netball to empower girls from challenged backgrounds. Netball is similar to basketball, but emphasises team play and communication. The entire curriculum spans ten months and covers four life skills modules, and participants are linked to training and career-building opportunities.

Gender Sensitive HIV-TB Program

Nalamdana was approved by The World Health Organization (WHO) to create gender sensitive programming through participatory, innovative communication at Chennai’s largest Government Hospital where free ART and TB treatment is offered to citizens.