Nalamdana Past Projects

Water and Sanitation Project

Pilot Project on Water and Sanitation (2008) Sponsored by UNICEF, Chennai – Nalamdana toured over ten villages in the Krishnagiri District of Tamil Nadu during September and October 2008. Special drama’s on basic sanitation, hand washing, use of toilets and proper storage and use of water have been the key messages conveyed through a new drama. Theatre training and workshops for local youth were planned under this project. Other Past Programs

Theatre Training Camps

Nalamdana’s Theatre Training Camps are for college and school students as well as community groups. Nalamdana’s core team of experienced actors trains young people in using theatre as tool to address social and health issues.

Safe Child Project

Safe Child Project (2008) Funded by Artventure, Singapore – The Safe Child Project is being continued by Nalamdana with their own fund raising. Other Past Programs

Make Art/Stop AIDS

Nalamdana held monthly role plays and full length drama’s at the largest Government hospital for TB and HIV, The Government Hospital for Thoracic Medicine in Tambaram. A component of this project evolved into our Thendral Community Radio project.

Community Health Project

Funded by the Deshpande Foundation – The Community Health Project was a one year pilot in 2007

Adolescent Health Program

Adolescent Health Program (2002-2007) Funded by Kiawah Trust - Nalamdana facilitated activities relating to RH and HIV. Other Past Programs

Maternal and Child Health

In partnership with Earthwatch, Nalamdana undertook a unique partnership to create multidisciplinary teams addressing malnourishment in the Chennai’s slums and nearby villages.

HIV/AIDS Rural Project

HIV/AIDS Rural Project (1997-1998) Funded by ActionAid India – The HIV/AIDS Rural Project covered 40 villages in four districts of Tamilnadu in 1997 – 1998. This is an issue that Nalamdana has been committed to since 1994, as India is the country with the largest number of HIV positive people after Africa. Other Past Programs

HIV/AIDS Awareness & Prevention

Nalamdana developed a suite of scripts, a training kit with interactive materials such as video, audio tapes, jig-saw puzzles and games and also offered theatre training for partner organizations.

Nambikkai Project

Between May and September 2005, Nalamdana performed Nambikkai (Hope) and provided counselling in more than 30 cities, towns and villages on the coast of Tamil Nadu affected by the 2005 tsunami.