COVID Response – Thendral Community Radio

Nalamdana has broadcast seven phone interview programs reaching community women via mobile phone and asking them to share their COVID-19 prevention and coping strategies during the lock down period. We have also converted all the Nalamdana’s short video films on COVID to audio format and are broadcasting those productions everyday. Various audio spots (3), awareness songs (3) and audio jingles (4) on COVID-19 are broadcasting 4 times a day in between all the programs. Further, our audio materials have been shared with corporate employee networks and through social media and have been distributed to other Tamil radio stations across the state.

Thendral CR joined with the SMART organisation in conjunction with their efforts with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Under this campaign, SMART song and audio spot on COVID 19 are broadcast twice a day, daily from Sep 2020.

These COVID-19 programs were made possible through support from regular donors as well as those who made special contributions during this time. Special thanks to TVS Sundram Fasteners Limited, Dipak and Rupa Sood Education Trust, Foundation for Children and Women, Mahul and Mini Shah, Lata and Sanjay Chaganti, Ana and Sanjay Madhavan, Radha Parthasarathy, Heather Fitzgerald and RP Aditya.

Other Current Nalamdana Projects