COVID Response – InfoGraphics

NEW – Summer 2021

Winter 2020/2021

Tamil Translations
English translations

Nalamdana translated into Tamil, these infographic posters, developed by CCCI, New Delhi. English and Tamil versions were circulated widely through social media and email. Subsequently, 1000 copies of two of the posters were printed in English and Tamil for display at key retail areas and in workplace settings.

These COVID-19 programs were made possible through support from regular donors as well as those who made special contributions during this time. Special thanks to TVS Sundram Fasteners Limited, Dipak and Rupa Sood Education Trust, Foundation for Children and Women, Mahul and Mini Shah, Lata and Sanjay Chaganti, Ana and Sanjay Madhavan, Radha Parthasarathy, Heather Fitzgerald and RP Aditya.

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